Brenda Grey, Newcastle, U.K.

I spent my early life in education being taught.  Some of the teachers were inspiring.  They built relationships of trust, where I felt respected, able and willing to contribute.  Some were less inspiring and became the’ ghosts’ in my learning in later life.  Ghosts who took time, emotional energy and resilience to exercise. 

In my career I had to learn.  I had few qualifications and had to learn at work and in work.  I achieved a significant position in Public Service and was responsible for decisions which involved millions of pounds in investments.  I never really knew what I did when learning which contributed to my success – I just did it. 

Now in retirement, it’s my capacity to learn new, exciting and inspiring things by myself which characterises this period of my life.  As years become months, months become weeks, weeks are days, I find myself contemplating how I can learn more effectively and efficiently, to make the most of this terminal life.  Learning new things, developing my confidence to experiment in new areas, being willing to confront old behaviours, habits and values that have helped me in the past but are no longer relevant, are part of this new learning process.  Understanding how I learn, my individual and often unique preferences and stepping into new areas of development with confidence, have involved a bold journey during which this App has been a considerable support. 

This App has helped clarify and supported me considerably in the learning journey and the application of my learning.  I now understand HOW I learn and my unique journey.  I highly recommend this App to anyone who wants to take back control of their learning and become an empowered achiever.  The support provided through coaching and interpretation of the scores also aided focus and clarity to my learning and its application.